Map Your Journey: A Digital Assessment

Take a simple group assessment to begin your journey beyond the hippos. Results within 72 hours.

hippo [hip-oh] (n)

A big, dangerous, lurking thing that hinders significant growth and creates frustrated team members.

We guide your management team in making significant, measurable performance improvements while renewing the culture of work.

We achieve this through the expert integration of professional actors, software, and facilitation.

Most organizational initiatives focus on strategy, process, or technology in order to achieve performance improvements.  These are important but often fail to reach their potential because they ignore the hippos in the water.

You may not see them, but your ‘expedition’ winds up paddling in circles, gets stuck in the mud, and the ‘canoes’ keep getting attacked and overturned.  These manifest themselves in turnover, low engagement, us vs. them mentalities, frustration, competing agendas, mediocre performance, inefficiencies, lack of communication, silos, resistance to change, a sense of apathy, and…shall we go on?

After working with over 300 organizations, we have become experts at helping groups navigate beyond the hippos in the water in order to achieve significant, measurable improvements.  Our DCS® model gets beyond the issues faster, aligns groups around a common purpose, and creates mutual accountability.  All while enjoying the experience.  More importantly, it provides managers with a framework to replicate the process with their own teams in order to create a place where people love to work.


We have facilitated change for a variety of clients including

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Go Beyond your traditional leadership meeting and facilitate change through our 90-180 minute interactive case study experience.

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We facilitate the DCS Process® to help leaders go beyond the hippos and make significant, measurable performance improvements.

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Change Reporting Platform

Our change reporting platform eliminates inefficient data management systems and fosters accountability by tracking the progress of every change initiative, project, and expenditure.

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